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Results circuit "PORTRAIT 2013"

Report card was sent to all authors 28 February. Authors who did not receive a report card, to contact us and we will send them a report card.
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The 3rd exhibition "Portrait 2013 - Zajecar" was opened at the gallery "Radul-bey's residence" in Zajecar 05.04.2013.
Mr. Zoran Kostadinovic,  curator of the gallery welcomed almost  fifty photo lovers from Zajecar, Bor  and Paracin. Among other things he reflected on the significance of the exhibition organized  in this gallery. Guests were also welcomed by the president of the Photo club 202 Mr. Rasa Milojevic. The exhibition was opened by the Mr. Zoran Purger from Paracin, who was a jury member and co-organizer of this exhibition in Paracin. The exhibition will be open to the public next 15 days.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2013 - ZAJECAR"
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On April 2nd in the gallery of the Cultural Institution in Aleksinac has been opened the second exhibition called "PORTRAIT 2013". The guests were welcomed by host Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic, president of photo club "Aleksinac". In front of about fifty photography fans, the exhibition was opened by artist Dragan Ilic from Zajecar who was also a jury member. He talked about the importance of the exhibition for the city of Aleksinac. In doing so, he gave emphasis on the big number of received photographs and their great quality which have been selected for all four exhibitions. To the authors who were present has been given awards from all 4 exhibitions. 
Photos from the opening of the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2013 - ALEKSINAC"
The First international exhibition of photography "Portrait 2013" was opened 26th of March in Vidin (Bulgaria).
In front of about hundred lovers of photography present at the Art Gallery "Nikola Petrov", museum curators Krasimir Krustev welcomed the exhibition. He emphasized the value of this exhibition and praised the extraordinary photographs that were exhibited. The exhibition was opened by Rasa Milojevic, President of Photo Club 202 and one of the organizers and a member of the jury.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2013 - PARACIN"
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At Thursday evening, March 21st was opened 2nd circular exhibition of photography "Portrait 2013" in Paracin, Serbia. Exhibition took place at the Gallery of Cultural Center in Paracin. It was opened at 19h. About 100 people from Paracin, Zajecar, Bor, Aleksinac and Belgrade came to watch the opening at to see exhibition. In front of photo club "Paracin" were speaking Vladan Djordjevic and Zoran Purger - president of photoclub "Paracin". President of Photoclub 202 Rasa Milojevic opened exhibition.
Photos from the opening of the exhibition "PORTRAIT 2013 - PARACIN"
Report from opening of 2nd Circular exhibition "Portrait 2013" in Paracin, Serbia, by RTV Channel M Paracin.
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Photo:Stefan Stojanovic
HadžiMiodrag Miladinovic, MF FSS, AFIAP, ULUPUDS, Dragoslav Mirkovic, EFIAP/s, MF FSS, ULUPUDS, Herbert Gmeiner, AFIAP, EVÖAV, ESFIAP, Manfred Blum, MFIAP, MVÖAV, ÖGPh, Milos Milojevic, Dragoslav Ilic, AFIAP, MF FSS, Zoran Purger, MF FSS, Miroslav Predojevic, MFSS, Nenad Nedeljkovic, Dragan Ilic, painter, Dietmar Wanko ,Hon-MVÖAV, Boris Božic, MFIAP, PSA EID ***, MVÖAV, Branislav Brkic, MFIAP, EFIAP/g, EsFIAP, MF FSS, Zoran Mojsin, EFIAP, Borislav Milovanovic, AFIAP, Zoran Cvetkovic, painter, ceramicist and photographer, ULUPUDS and Rasa Milojevic, EFIAP/b, EsFIAP, MF FSS.
Judging of the Third circular photography exhibition Portrait 2013 was held over the weekend 22.-24.02. 2013th at the Cultural Center in Zajecar. A large number of eminent photographers from Austria and Serbia had the difficult task to selects the best of 11700 arrived images. With excellent organization and hospitality heavy workload guests were able to see and record the beauty of the archaeological site of Felix Romuliana monastery Bukovo. Congratulations to all the award-winning authors and participants of the exhibition.
AWARDS circuit "PORTRAIT 2013" 
Lists of Accepted images "PORTRAIT 2013" / pdf
Gallery of awarded photographs
I have the pleasure to inform you that you were granted the FIAP Patronage as follows:
2013/039            3rd Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2013" - Zajecar
2013/040            2nd Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2013" - Paracin
2013/041            2nd Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2013" - Aleksinac
2013/042            1st Exhibition of Photography "Portrait 2013" - Vidin


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