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Besides hundreds of visitors and enthusiasts from Zajecar and other cities, the opening was also attended by the award winners.
Mr. Perislav Ducic, the director of the Cultural Center of Zajecar, gave the opening speech emphasizing the duration and efforts put into realization of the exhibition  throughout  the years. The exhibition was attended by members of the old photo-cinema club "Timok" who started this all 36 years ago.  Mr. Dragisa Djordjevic, Dragoljub Nikolic, Ljubisa Bratun I Miroljub Vidanovic were also present. The guests were also addressed by Mr. Dragisa Djordjevic who opened the show. Mr. Rasa Milojevic, the president of  Photo Cub 202,  handed prizes to the authors. Mr. Bojan Petrovic from Paracin won the Salon gold medal. Mr Mustafa Muezzinoglu from Cyprus won  UPI gold medal, Mr. Maciej Makowski from Poland got FIAP gold medal and  the Salon’s Grand prix.
The exhibition was opened by Mr. Dragisa Djordjevic, Doyen of Zajecar photography.
                                                          Gold FIAP medal, Makowski Maciej, Poland, alice
Grand prix was really surprise to me! This is a big honour to me, especially that it came true follow my love, newborn babie Alice! I am really proud that I could go to Serbia, Zajecar and share those fantastic atmosphere with all those people around. I have found local community like a people of burning heart! I must admit that during my whole visit there at all steps I was really positive impressed! I would like to thank you Mr Rasa Milojevic and the rest of fantastic people I met for extraordinary atmosphere and hospitality! I hope will be there in the near future for tasting all of hidden, fantastic tastes of Serbia !
The exhibition in Zajecar was perfect. Exhibition and organizers hospitality was very good. We were greeted very well. We lived unforgettable moments. I met  new  friends  and I am proud to have met them and I'm happy.
Thank you so much for everything ...I  am yours  from Cyprus to Serbia  ...

Arriving at Zajecar, I looked for a spot, where 36. International exhibition of art photography, with child as a subject, was taking place. After a few instructions that I got from kind locals, I found myself at a very pleasant rustic ambient, dominated by stone and massive wooden beams, cracked by age. Under a warm light, I felt very enjoyably. I saw a few familiar faces right away, browsing through photos that came from all over the world, and I met new ones, I can already say, friends. After grand opening of the exhibition, our kind host Rasa Milivojevic greeted us and has shown a great enjoyment because exhibition was also attended, besides me, by award winners from abroad, with whom I had the pleasure to exchange opinions and experiences over an extensive branch. I only regret not having the opportunity to try Rasa’s home-maid wine, because I had to drive.
See you again in Zajecar next year!

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The founders of the Photo-Cinema Club "Timok", and the creators of the exhibition "CHILD":
Miroljub Vidanovic - Beli, Dragoljub Nikolic - Kisindzer, Dragisa Djordjevic, Ljubisa Bratun and Radojca Rasa Milojevic.

LIST AWARD from the exhibition
GALERY AWARD from exhibition
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List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (A) CHILD
List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (B)  LIFE
List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (C)  STILL LIFE
List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (D)  SPORT
List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (E)  FREE - monochrme
List of ACCEPTED images to the theme:  (F)  FREE - color

I have the pleasure to inform you that I granted you the FIAP Patronage as follows:
2012/147    36th International Photography Exhibition – Child 2012