circuit exhibition ECOLOGICAL TRUTH 2018


The last day for uploading photos is MAY 22.
Other dates are unchanged!
The authors who have paid the participation fee and participate in this circular exhibition receive high-quality catalogue printed on paper.
The format of the Catalogue is 240mm x 220mm, 146 pages, luxury prepared, rated with 5 stars by FIAP committee.
A) EARTH SUFFERS - (color or monochrome) Photojournalism PSA division Recognition
Human activities are detrimental to nature, the impact of man on the destruction of nature.
Photographs on the exhibition should show the viewers how people negatively affect the planet earth, and that man's work is destroying our nature.
B) LANDSCAPE - (color or monochrome) Travel PSA division Recognition
C) NATURE - (color or monochrome) NATURE PSA Recognition
D) FREE - (monochrome) PID PSA monochrome Recognition
E) FREE - (color) PID PSA color Recognition





Results from exhibition

Catalogs from the exhibition

CHILD 2017 Steve Reynolds, United Kingdom, Bus ride to schoolECOLOGICAL TRUTH 2017NASLOVNA PORTRAIT 2017catalog TOURISM 2016 CHILD  2016BON VOYAGE 2016 - koricekorice EKO 2016 Page 1PORTRAIT 2016KORICE TOURISM 2015 Page 1CHILD  2015 page 1catalog - front pageekoloska istina 2015 KORICEkorice portrait 2015TOURISM koricekoriceaCHILD 2014 web Page 01korice BON VOYAGE 2014 Page 1koricekorice TURIZAM 2013naslovnacmikkorice katalog rock 2013korice eko 201301 gold fiap medal olga astratova latvia rain hour korice page 1child 2012naslovna stranakorice kataloga rock 2012 page 1portrait 2012 naslov


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